Marymount University


Graphic and Media Design


Artist Statement

Colors have different spiritual values that influence human bodies and souls. Different color components produce different spiritual vibrations. Every color has its own spiritual harmony and inner meaning. Spirituality is common to humans. In my paintings, I try to connect viewers to spiritual content by exploring the relationship between colors and spirituality. My body of work is influenced by modern art movements such as abstract and non-objective art styles. Painters whose work with color and I am influenced by are Wassily Kandinsky, Hans Hofmann, and, Mark Rothko. These artists are considered essential to the history of non-objective and abstract expressionist art movements.
To my paintings, I apply gold or silver leaf because of its strong connection with my religion. I have grown up in a society that appreciates Islamic art, which is well known for gilding. In my pieces, the visual texture of the gold and silver leaf conveys the texture and senses of nature through exploring the visual and tactile qualities of nature. I work from my own photographs of nature that depict colors of nature in the sky, sea, or land. My use of color in a fluid manner shows different color combinations, the beauty of colors, and the merge of different colors. I paint the edges of my canvases in order for the viewers to look at my pieces from different angles, as if they are outdoors and observing nature from various views.