Meeting Options with SAS

All student meetings must be scheduled.

  • SAS is not available to meet with students on a drop-in basis as there is limited physical space in which to safely do so.
  • Scheduled appointments are available via Zoom OR face-to-face in our office (Main Campus, Rowley 1005) to all students who have not chosen to be fully online this semester. Students who have opted-in to fully online learning this semester can meet with SAS virtually via Zoom.

How to schedule an appointment:

  • Students wishing to meet with the SAS team can schedule an appointment in Starfish, which is found under Sign On Links in the Portal. Appointments are available during our office hours of Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.
    • SAS staff (Sven Jones and Maureen Dour) will appear in your Success Network on the Starfish homepage. You can click on either one of them to view appointment availability and schedule a meeting.
  • You may also schedule an appointment by sending an email to Appointments must be scheduled at least one day in advance.

Information about face-to-face appointments:
Students meeting with SAS face-to-face should:

  • Arrive to the meeting 10 minutes before it begins.
  • Attend the meeting wearing a mask and maintain social distance as it takes place.
  • Be prepared to meet with personnel who will be wearing PPE (e.g., mask and face shield).
  • Be prepared to meet in a large physical space (typically a conference room) which can accommodate a safe dialogue ranging between 30 minutes and one hour.
  • Be prepared to speak loud enough in the large room to be heard by SAS personnel who will be located at other end of the room.
  • Leave precisely at the end-time of each scheduled meeting.