Academic Accommodations & COVID-19

SAS is very concerned about the health and well-being of our students particularly in light of the debilitating impact that COVID may have.  Specifically, SAS wants to assist students who find themselves suddenly incapacitated from COVID-19, so as not be inadvertently academically penalized during their recovery.

Should you as a student be unable to attend class, engage in academic work and/or take exams due to illness caused by COVID, we strongly encourage you to:

  • Notify SAS as soon as possible at  Once SAS is contacted, our office will assist you in registering with SAS, as a student with a disability.
  • Be available to communicate with SAS, even if doing so is brief, so that our office understands the impact of your condition and can determine what accommodations will be suitable for you.

Following these two steps enables you to be strongly considered for an expedited receipt of short-term disability related accommodations.

Please understand the process of registering as a student with a disability and receiving relevant accommodations to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 is not automatic.  As a result, it is very unlikely that you will receive accommodation (e.g., special academic allowances such as the ability to reschedule exams) without asking SAS to make any adjustments within the context of your having contracted COVID-19.

In order to complete the SAS registration process, you (or your representative such as a parent, caretaker, and/or friend or clinician) are requested to fill-out the below attached forms.  Please let SAS know, if you need assistance to complete these forms.  Also, please send SAS a copy of an official written notice indicating that you have tested positive for COVID-19.

1. SAS Student Registration Form

2. SAS Student Information Release Form


Lastly, we hope that you are, and remain well.  If this is not the case, know that SAS is available to help.  Thank you very much for reading and thoroughly considering this important notice.