Financial Aid Appeal Process

Sometimes you will encounter issues that hinder your ability to succeed academically in any given semester. When that happens, it affects your grades and can affect your financial aid. You may have received notice from the Office of Financial Aid that you are on financial aid suspension, and are not eligible to receive federal financial aid for any additional semesters.

If you are planning on appealing in an effort to reinstate your financial aid, please follow the steps below:

  1. Write a personal statement that explains what challenges you were encountering that hindered your ability to do well academically. Also discuss what strategies you’ve put in place, or what has changed, such that those challenges will not affect your ability to do well academically in future semesters.

  2. Optional: Provide any supporting documentation that you feel is necessary to validate your personal statement.

  3. Complete the Academic Improvement Plan (AIP). Read the directions carefully, because you may not have to complete all sections in Part I of the worksheet. You can find that worksheet here: Click here to download a Word doc version or Click here to open a Google doc version

  4. Send your personal statement and supporting documentation directly to the Office of Financial Aid,

  5. Send your AIP to the Assistant Vice President (AVP) for Student Success: Dr. Michelle Steiner,

What happens once you turn in your appeal materials?

  1. The AVP for Student Success will review your AIP, crunch some numbers to assess what grades you need to earn in a future semester in order to be in good academic standing, and then send your AIP and those numbers to Financial Aid for you. You will receive an email from the AVP for Student Success when the AIP has been sent to Financial Aid.

  2. Once Financial Aid has all of your appeal materials, they will review your appeal packet and make a determination about reinstating your financial aid for the next semester. Typically, you will hear from Financial Aid about their decision within 7-10 days of Financial Aid receiving a complete appeal packet.