Our History

Until the fall semester of 2020, academic support services for students and faculty were housed within the same office. Today, students and faculty each have a separate office dedicated to supporting their success:

  • The Student Academic Hub is a positive, nurturing environment that honors the diversity of our community and encourages the development of Marymount students into purpose-driven learners through intentional academic support and leadership opportunities. The Hub offers academic advising, academic coaching, student access services, and tutoring & writing assistance to Marymount students.
  • The Center for Teaching and Learning supports Marymount faculty in their pedagogical development and use of technology. For more information about the Center for Teaching and Learning, please click here to visit their website.

Below is a timeline that showcases the ways in which the Student Academic Hub and the Center for Teaching and Learning have transformed over the years.

You can click on the timeline to view a larger version.

Student Academic Hub Timeline