Fall, Spring & Summer Semester Programs

The Center for Global Education (CGE) connects students with semester-long study abroad program opportunities all over the world during the fall, spring, and summer terms.

For these long-term programs, Marymount has partnered with specific international partners and third-party providers that span the globe. Many programs involve directly enrolling in courses at a foreign university, while at others, the coursework is taken at a local study center. Depending on the program, classes are taken with local students, other international students, or fellow Americans.

There are programs available to students of all academic disciplines; however, it’s important to remember that not every location is going to have coursework available for every major. Students wishing to take classes that will satisfy the Liberal Arts Core requirements have the widest range of program/location options.

Coursework taken on these programs comes back as transfer credit and do not factor into your Marymount GPA. As per the Undergraduate Catalog, participants must earn a C (or its equivalent) or better in the classes taken abroad in order for the credits to transfer back.

Search for a program by using our Study Abroad Portal search engine* and selecting “Semester & Academic Year” and/or “Summer Semester” in the Program Type field. On the brochure pages, you’ll find basic information about the program. However, if you click on the “Click to visit” link in the Homepage section, it will take you to the program’s individual pages, where you’ll be able to get much more detailed information about academics, accommodations, excursions, dates, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL students must meet with a CGE staff member BEFORE they move forward in applying directly to ANY study abroad program. Students are encouraged to start the conversation about studying abroad for a semester or an academic year at least 7-12 months in advance of the time they wish to go abroad.

For more information about fall, spring, and summer semester programs, please contact Jen Crystle.

*Please be aware that the Study Abroad Portal does not run on Firefox.