International Internships

International internship programs provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience and exposure to an area of academic or career interest, while exploring a new culture. Interning abroad provides you a more practical experience compared to a traditional academic one. Most international internships are unpaid, but this shouldn’t deter you from participating, as the experience is invaluable. Since all Marymount students are required to complete an academic internship, doing an internship abroad is a great way to satisfy that requirement while familiarizing yourself with your field in an international context.

The Center for Global Education (CGE) has partnered with a number of organizations who coordinate international internship programs. It is possible to do a stand-alone internship program during the summer or a semester, while some study abroad programs allow you to do an internship while taking classes.

Search for a program by using our Study Abroad Portal search engine and selecting “International Internship Program” in the Program Type field. On the brochure pages, you’ll find basic information about the program. However, if you click on the “Click to visit” link in the Homepage section, it will take you to the program’s individual pages, where you’ll be able to get much more detailed information about placements, accommodations, dates, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL students must meet with a CGE staff member BEFORE they move forward in applying directly to ANY international internship program. Additionally, interested students discuss their desire to do an internship overseas with the CGE before meeting with the Center for Career Services or their academic advisor.

For more information about international internship programs, please contact Jen Crystle.