Internships/Experiential Learning

At Marymount University, we are proud of the fact that all students participate in an internship experience that provides an opportunity to integrate classroom learning with real-time professional experience.  The University’s proximity to our nation’s capital affords exciting opportunities for internships with  many government agencies, non-profit institutions, educational and correctional agencies, health care facilities, and community organizations.

An internship at Marymount is guided by learning goals and supervised by both academic and agency personnel. Internships may be offered for credit or on a non credit basis. Detailed information regarding internships and experiential learning can be found in the MU Internship Guide (insert link).

For-Credit Internships

For-credit internships are generally more substantive, with no more than 20 percent clerical or administrative tasks. Students in a for-credit internship work with an academic internship mentor (faculty member/AIM) on academic assignments related to the content of their internships.

Qualifications Include:

  • For-credit internships must be completed within one semester.
  • ​MU students who hope to earn 3 credit hours should be working a minimum of 120 hours throughout the semester, which converts to approximately 8-10 hours a week.
  • You must be at least a junior, transfer, or graduate student, with a minimum of 75-90 credits and at least one semester completed at Marymount.

Click here for the 12-Step Internship For-Credit Process. This process will walk you through how to get started, who to contact, and how to be registered for the course.

To report your internship for-credit in Handshake, please follow the video instructions below

Global Internship Opportunities

Students can choose to complete their internship requirement abroad or with an international company through the Global internship programs. Through these programs, you can go to a different country, immersing yourself in the culture while working. Students also have the option of completing a Virtual Global Internship where you work with a company or organization located in a different country from the comfort of your home. Students interested in these programs should set up an appointment with the Center for Global Education.

Noncredit Internships

A noncredit internship is something you may do that is independent of your University coursework. It’s a great way to explore a career field, gain experience, learn about the inner workings of an office, choose a major, earn supplemental income, start networking, and build your résumé! These positions may be more clerical in nature, but you may gain a wealth of knowledge about working in the “real world.”

Service Learning / Volunteer Opportunities

Service learning/volunteer opportunities are learning experiences usually working with nonprofit organizations within the community on a volunteer basis.

Marymount University’s Saints Center for Service works with quite a few volunteer organizations in the local area, and students are encouraged to participate during their college career.