Temporary Room Reservation FAQ

Study Room Reservation 

What’s different about reserving a study room?

  • Reservations are now required for study room use. You will also need to check out a study room key at the Circulation Desk when you come in to use your reserved study room. 
  • You now have more flexibility when determining the length of your study room reservation. Reservations can now span anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours. 
  • You will now be asked to check-in at the beginning of your reservation and check-out at the end of your reservation.

Should I go straight to my reserved study room when I come to the library?

  • Before going to your study room, stop at the Circulation Desk to check out the key for your reserved study room. 

When should I check-in to my study room reservation?

  • You can check in to your study room up to 5 minutes before your reservation starts. We recommend that you check-in at the same time that you pick up your key from the Circulation Desk. 

How do I check-in to my study room?

  • You should have received a confirmation email when you made your reservation. In that email there is a link and a check-in code. You can use that link to check in, or, you can scan the QR code that is attached to your study room key. You will need to have the 3-digit code from your email in order to check in. 

How do I check-out of my study room?

  • When you’re finished using your study room, simply re-scan the QR code to check out. You can also use the link from your confirmation email. 

What is the loan period of a study room key?

  • Study room keys can be checked out for 2 hours, with one renewal. 

I have a four-hour reservation but my key was only checked out to me for two hours. What should I do?

  • If you make a 4-hour reservation, your key will still only be checked out for 2-hours. Halfway through your reservation, you will need to request a renewal so that an additional 2 hours will be added to your due date. You can do this by contacting the Circulation Desk, or, by using your MyLibrary Account

What happens if my key gets returned late?

  • Study room keys will accrue a $5 fee for every hour it is overdue. 

What happens if a key is lost?

  • If a key gets lost, there is a $250 replacement fee. 

I have already maxed out my renewals for the day but there are empty rooms that aren’t being used. What should I do if I still need to use a study room?

  • If availability permits it, Circulation staff will be able to reserve a room on your behalf. 

My friend made the reservation but she isn’t here yet, can I check out the key for the room she reserved?

  • The person that makes the study room reservation must be the person that checks out the study room key. 

If I close the door to a study room, do I still have to wear my mask?

  • Yes, masks are required at all times while using the library.