Prerequisite Coursework Requirements

For program consideration, the prerequisite coursework requirements are listed below.

A maximum of 12 credits of prerequisite  coursework may remain incomplete at the time of application to the program to be considered for admission.

No more than one prerequisite course may have a grade of “C” or C+.”  All other prerequisite courses must have a grade of “B-” or better.

* Marymount course equivalencies are listed in parentheses for comparison/informational purposes only

  • two (2) courses of biological sciences with lab (BIO 151-152, General Biology I and II)
  • one (1) course of anatomy/anatomy and physiology I with lab (BIO 161, Anatomy and Physiology I)
  • one (1) course of physiology/anatomy and physiology II with lab (BIO 162, Anatomy and Physiology II)
  • two (2) courses of general chemistry with lab (e.g. CHM 151-152, Principles of Chemistry I and II)
  • two (2) courses of general physics with lab (PHYS 271-272, General Physics I and II)
  • one (1) course of psychology (PSY 101, General Psychology)
  • one (1) course of statistics (MA 132, Statistical Analysis) — Business statistics courses do NOT meet our requirement