Cabrini University Political Science to Marymount

The politics program at Marymount University is an ideal place for students from the political science major at Cabrini University to complete their undergraduate program given the similarities between Cabrini’s and Marymount’s campus environments, dedicated faculty, small class sizes, and similar program requirements. Cabrini political science students completing their majors at Marymount also have access to the resources of the Washington DC area for site visits, internships, study abroad options, and career opportunities.

Marymount’s transfer advisors and Politics faculty will work with transferring Cabrini students to transfer seamlessly to Marymount so that they can complete their coursework and graduate on time. All political science courses taken at Cabrini will count towards the Marymount politics degree.

A complete description of the requirements for the politics major at Marymount is here.

Counting Cabrini courses for Marymount degree requirements

The political science major at Cabrini begins with a series of required courses: POL 205 (Introduction to Political Science), POL 206 (Comparative Government), and POL 315 (Introduction to International Relations); these will count for the required sequence at Marymount. Students who have completed Cabrini’s research component for the political science major – HIS 401 (Historiography Seminar), SOC/PSY 341 (Research Methods I), or MAT 118 (Introduction to Statistics) – will have that course count for a Marymount politics elective if they are entering Marymount as sophomores or juniors, and will have that course count in place of Marymount’s research methods course (POL 250) if they are entering Marymount as seniors. Cabrini students who have taken PHI 320 (Political Philosophy) at Cabrini will have that count for POL 210 at Marymount or as a politics elective, whichever they prefer.

All politics electives taken at Cabrini will count as Marymount politics electives.

Marymount politics requirements and their Cabrini equivalents

Marymount required course

Cabrini course

POL 102 International Relations POL 315 Introduction to International Relations
POL 103 Comparative Politics POL 206 Comparative Government
POL 210 Theory of Democracy PHI 320 Political Philosophy*
POL 230 American Public Policy POL 323 Public Policy
POL 250 Research and Writing Cabrini’s research component (HIS 401, SOC/PSY 341, or MAT 118)**
POL 400 Internship POL 488 Internship
Any 7 Politics courses as electives (may include a second internship) Any Cabrini politics courses
POL 420 Senior Seminar (none)

*Cabrini students have the option of counting PHI 320 in place of Marymount’s POL 210 or in place of a Marymount politics elective.

**Cabrini students entering Marymount as seniors will have their research component course count in place of Marymount’s POL 250; Cabrini students entering Marymount as juniors or below will have their research component course count as a Marymount politics elective.

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