Honors Societies

Pi Sigma Alpha is the national political science honors society. Eligible students must be current juniors or seniors at Marymount. They must be majoring in Politics and have a GPA of 3.0 or better in all Politics courses.
Sigma Iota Rho is the national international affairs honors society. To be eligible, students complete at least 21 hours of coursework in international affairs with at a GPA of at least 3.4 or better in those courses.

University and Department Honors

Students in politics graduate with University Honors if they successfully complete the requirements of the Honors Program, and with Departmental Honors if they graduate with a 3.5 GPA in Politics courses (at least 8 of which must be completed at Marymount) and achieve superior performance in the senior thesis.

Students graduating with Honors in recent years, with their thesis titles, include:

  • Nouf Aljuwaidi, 2019. Departmenal Honors. Effects of Counter-Terrorism Strategies on the Patterns of Terrorism in the United States.
  • Isabella Blecha, 2017. Departmental Honors. Influence of Female Presidential Nominee on Election of Women in 115th Congress.
  • Micaela Healy, 2019. Departmenal Honors. “Thinking in Epigrams:”  Wicked and Western Political Philosophy.
  • Miriam Hyeon, 2013. University Honors. Strategic Korean Overseas Development Aid.
  • Ashley Judah, 2016. Departmental Honors. Social Welfare Policy and the Effects on Family Structure and Poverty Rates.
  • Brandan McCammitt, 2017. Departmental Honors. Dominating Communication & how it can Change an Election: A review of Campaign Media Communications from the 1968, 2008 and 2016 Presidential Elections.
  • Chelsea Nazareth, 2015. Departmental Honors. The Failed Implementation of the Authorization for Use of Military Force.
  • Vincent Nicosia, 2015. University Honors. International Competition and the Onset of Genocide.
  • Calvin Shealy, 2018. Departmental Honors. The Causes of Terrorism.
  • Sabren Wahdan, 2019. Departmenal Honors. Do negative campaign ads affect/stimulate voter turnout?
  • April Westmark, 2017. University Honors. Mutual Defense Cooperation Among US Allies with Historical Conflicts.