Student Computing Resources


We encourage our students to learn Latex to aid in proof-writing and project reports and to prepare for graduate programs in mathematics. The easiest way to get started is to use the free online format ShareLatex. Other useful tools include

Once you’ve learned the software, you might want to install it on your personal machine (it’s free!). For a PC, try MikTex and TexMaker – you need to download both, but the only interface you’d be aware that you are using is TexMaker. For a Mac, try TeXShop.


Our site license for Mathematica allows each student and faculty member to download a copy for use on a personal computer. Please see instructions here.


Some courses and research projects require the use of MATLAB. It is available for your use in our computer lab, CARU 1020. If you would like to purchase your own student license, please go to the Mathworks website.


The R programming language is a freely available language used increasingly within industry, especially for statistical analyses. You’ll use R in multiple mathematics courses.