Literature Track

Through the literature and writing courses required for the major, students develop valuable writing, critical reading, and research skills. The study of literature provides tools of critical analysis, awareness of major authors and literary traditions, and insight into how literary developments mirror and influence culture. The writing courses teach the principles of clear and effective writing for a variety of purposes and audiences.

  • EN 200 Approaches to Literary Study (3)
  • Nine (9) credits selected from the folllowing survey courses:
    • EN 202 Global Literary Voices I
    • EN 204 Global Literary Voices II
    • EN 230 American Voices
    • EN 231 Literature of the British Isles
  • ​EN 301 The Writing Process: Theory and Practice or EN 308 Style and Revision (3)
  • EN 490 Major Authors (3)
  • Six (6) credits in electives numbered EN 201 or above
  • Nine (9) credits in electives numbered EN 321 or above
  • EN 424 Senior Seminar (3)
  • EN 400 Internship (3-6)