Politics and Economics

This is a sample degree plan for students pursuing a double major in politics and economics. All students must consult with an advisor in making course selections that meet their individual needs. Students pursuing a double major in politics and economics should consider completing a full semester studying abroad, and should consult with faculty advisors in both politics and economics early in their program to plan effectively.

Year One
Fall Spring
EN 101 – Composition I EN 102 Composition II
POL 102 – International Relations POL 103 – Comparative Politics
ECO 210 – Principles of Microeconomics ECO 211 – Principles of Macroeconomics
PH 100 – Introduction to Philosophy TRS 100 – Theological Inquiry
University elective University elective


Year Two
Fall Spring
POL 210 – Western Political Concepts I Politics elective
POL 250 – Research and Writing Introductory Literature (LT-1)
POL 230 – American Policy Process Introductory Psychology or Sociology (SS-1)
Math – 132 Statistics Introductory History (HI)
ECO 310 – Intermediate Microeconomics ECO 311 – Intermediate Macroeconomics
Year Three
Fall Spring
Fine Arts (FNA), Advanced History (HI-2), or Advanced Literature (LT-2) Advanced Theology/Religious Studies (TRS-2) or Theological Ethics (TRS-E)
Politics elective Introductory Social Science (SS-1) or Natural Science (NS)
Economics elective Politics elective
Politics elective Economics elective
Natural Science (NS) with a lab Economics elective
Year Four
Fall Spring
POL 400 or ECO 490 – Internship POL 420 – Senior Seminar
Politics elective ECO 485 – International Economics
Politics elective Politics elective
Advanced Philosophy (PH-2) or Philosophical Ethics (PH-E) Fine Arts (FNA), Advanced Literature (LT-2) or Advanced History (HI-2)
Economics elective Economics elective