Requirements for the Politics major:

Politics majors take the following coursework in a sequence determined in collaboration with an academic advisor:

  • POL 102 International Relations
  • POL 103 Comparative Politics
  • POL 210 Western Political Concepts I
  • POL 211 Western Political Concepts II
  • POL 230 American Policy Process
  • POL 250 Research and Writing
  • POL 400 Internship
  • POL 420 Senior Seminar
  • 18 additional credits (6 courses) in Politics electives

​All students also must fulfill Liberal Arts Core and University requirements, and some of the above courses may also satisfy those requirements. For example, POL 102 and 103 meet the SS-1 and GP requirements, POL 250 and 420 and many other advanced politics courses meet the WI requirement, and most advanced politics courses also meet the SS-2 requirement.