Program Requirements

Major Requirements

Gateway and Capstone Courses

Major Credits (12 credits; 3 of which may be in Core)

  • EN 240 Introduction to Film & Visual Studies
  • EN 235 Digital and Nonlinear Storytelling
  • GMD 404 Media Performance Lab or EN 424 Senior Seminar
  • Internship (may be in any number of disciplines)

Humanities Cluster

Nine (9) credits chosen from the following, 3 of which may be in Core

  • EN208 Digital Approaches to Literature
  • IS/EN220 The Movie or the Book
  • EN225 Heroes, Superheroes, and Anti-heroes
  • EN360 Book Histories/Book Futures
  • EN/HU390 Digital Projects in the Humanities
  • HI295 Introduction to Public History
  • HI307 Museum Studies
  • other courses as approved

Writing Cluster

Nine (9) credits chosen from the following

  • EN270 Approaches to Creative Writing
  • EN301 The Writing Process
  • EN305 Topics in Creative Writing
  • EN303 Literary Nonfiction
  • COMM209 Contemporary Journalism
  • COMM315 Writing for Digital Media
  • COMM302 Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques
  • COMM 307 Broadcast Writing and Delivery
  • COMM310 Career and Professional Communication

Digital Production & Design Cluster

Nine (9) credits chosen from the following

  • GMD 102: Visual Communications and Design
  • GMD105: Video Editing (1 cr)
  • GMD 106: Motion Graphics (1 cr)
  • GMD200: Electronic Publishing
  • GMD205: Video Production Promotional/Informational Communication
  • GMD225: Typography
  • IT 125: Web Development
  • IT225: Advanced Web Dev
  • T322: Game Design
  • IT324: Story and Narrative Development for Video Games
  • IT329: Mobile Gaming
  • IT 227 Mobile App Development
  • COMM204: Video Production: Multimedia Communication
  • GMD 305: Publication Design
  • GMD308: Web and Social Media Design
  • Additional Internship   


23-29 credits of your choice
Most minors can easily be fit into these elective choices, and depending on your minor choice, you may already have credits that will count (in minors like Gender Studies, Media and Performance StudiesCommunication, IT, Graphic and Media Design, English, and History).

Minor Requirements

The minor in Digital Writing and Narrative Design is 18 credits, as follows:

  • EN 235 Digital and Nonlinear Storytelling
  • Three (3) credits chosen from the Humanities Cluster, including the option of EN240 Introduction to Film and Visual Studies
  • Six (6) credits chosen from the Writing Cluster
  • Six (6) credits chosen from the Digital Production and Design Cluster