Global Courses

There are several courses offered through the Health Education & Promotion (M.S.) that allow students to experience global health education and promotion first-hand by culminating in a trip to one of several incredible countries.

HPR 588 Mental Health and the Physical Environment: Experiencing Iceland

This course will examine major global health challenges, programs, and policies.  Students will be introduced to the world’s vast diversity of determinants of physical health and mental health, with an emphasis on how the physical environment directly and indirectly influences well-being.  In particular, students will explore human interaction with the environment, ranging from regulations and policies to therapeutic modalities.  This course will culminate in a trip to Iceland, whose unique physical environment has contributed to the nation being a global leader in health outcomes and life satisfaction.  The stark contrast between the United States and Iceland will provide students with a clear understanding of how the physical environment and health policies affect populations. (3 credits).

Offered Summer 2018! Click here to learn more about this course and to apply!

HPR 588 Global Health: Ecuador

The goal of this course is to provide a foundation for students to understand the complexities of a healthcare system and the role inter-professional collaboration in improving the system. Students will apply this theoretical framework to a culturally rich and diverse global service learning experience.  This course will enable students to collaborate with community partners, engage in inter-professional teamwork, to enhance knowledge and skills in the areas of community-focused health promotion and education issues, apply cultural competency, and enhance professional practice while fulfilling mutually determined community needs. Through an inter-professional context, students will:  explore the art and science of teamwork, communication, and contemporary information technology; interact across different cultures effectively; evaluate ethical issues impacting education and health; and analyze healthcare disparities and social determinants of health. For more information, click here!

HPR 588 Global Health: Iceland

In this course students have the opportunity to examine major global health challenges, programs and policies. They will be introduced to the world’s vast diversity of determinants of health and disease. Students will analyze current and emerging global health priorities, including emerging infectious disease, poverty, conflicts and emergencies, health inequity, health systems reforms, and major global initiatives for disease prevention and health promotion. In particular, this course will culminate with a trip to Iceland, a leader in global health policy and promotion. The stark contrast between the United States and Iceland will provide students with a clear understanding of how health policy affects populations.

Students gathered in front of the Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall), an iconic waterfall in Iceland
Hiking the Falljökull Glacier at Skaftafell National Park in Reykjavik

Students about to take a boat on the majestic Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon. 

HCM 585 Global Health: Peru

This course is a three credit-hour study abroad and service-learning opportunity.  in which students get the chance to deliver health care education programs to children in a developing country. Community Based Learning in Peru explores many facets of global health outreach in order to expose students to complex concepts that impact health  access and behavior in a developing country.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in applied learning through participating in group lecture, individual and group assignments, and hands-on involvement in community health programming and education.  This course allows students to examine the economic, social, political, demographic, environmental, and cultural determinants of health and health care.  The analysis occurs within a framework of policy, public health, and program planning.