In Marymount’s School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Education, we are proud of the fact that all students participate in an internship experience that provides an opportunity to integrate classroom learning with real-time professional experience.  the University’s proximity to our nation’s capital affords exciting opportunities for internships with  many government agencies, non-profit institutions, educational and correctional agencies, health care facilities, and community organizations.  Additionally, for our future teachers, we have strong connections with local schools and students interested in education have opportunities to complete field experiences and internships in a variety of educational settings.

Internships provide a way for students in the School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Education to cultivate professional and communication skills, develop professional contacts, and find practical ways to use their formal training in a workplace environment.  As they gain hands-on experience, students learn the significance of professionalism, collaboration, clarity of communication, and creative and critical thinking applied to real-world problem solving situations.  Internships also provide an opportunity to assume personal responsibility for ethical behavior that reflects high standards of professional conduct in service to the greater good, as well as to acquire a realistic understanding of career paths and opportunities available in their chosen field.  Ultimately, students can use their internship experience to advance their careers, increasing job satisfaction, advancement, responsilility, and income.

Internship Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the internship experience, SSME students will have:

  • Increased their capacity to apply course-based material to real-world situations
  • expanded their ability to communicate effectively using the language of their disciplines
  • articulated their own professional strengths and areas for professional and personal growth
  • performed appropriately, using standards of professional behavior, in a workplace setting
  • evaluated how ethical principles apply to an internship/workplace sit; and
  • evaluated personal and professional development in order to inform post-graduation career plans