Cybersecurity Accelerated Second Degree (B.S.)

Cybersecurity talent is needed all over the world, and there are many opportunities for students to begin a career in cybersecurity. See for the latest on the U.S. cybersecurity job market.

This program is designed specifically for students who have or are taking a degree in another subject and want to pursue the exciting field of cybersecurity in government and industry. The program ensures students have knowledge of the technology being protected and the many cybersecurity attack vectors and defensive techniques.

The accelerated second-degree B.S. in Cybersecurity may be completed in four consecutive semesters by students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in another program. Students admitted to this program have completed a previous baccalaureate degree and are considered to have met the Liberal Arts Core and possibly some prerequisite requirements (6 credits as described below).

Degree Requirements

Current Cybersecurity Accelerated Second-Degree Requirements
Requirements prior to Fall 2021

Sample Degree Plan —Cybersecurity (Accelerated Second-Degree B.S. Program Track) 

Please note that this is a sample plan; all students must consult with an advisor in making course selections.

Semester One — Fall or Spring 

  • IT 120 Cybersecurity Principles
  • IT 125 Web Development
  • IT 205 Computer Technology
  • IT 210 Software Engineering
  • IT 310 Database Technology
  • MGT 345 Project Management

Semester Two — Spring or Summer 

  • IT 225 Advanced Web Development
  • IT 229 Python Scripting
  • IT 305 Computer Networking
  • PH 305 Business Ethics or PH 313 Cyberethics
  • IT 315 Operating Systems and Virtualization
  • IT 335 Corporate Cybersecurity

Semester Three — Summer or Fall 

  • DATA 325 Data Analytics
  • IT 321 Cloud Computing
  • IT 355 Software Testing, Documentation, and Quality Assurance
  • IT 357 Malware Analysis
  • IT 370 Computer Forensics
  • IT 372 Cisco Networking I
  • IT 323 Junior IT Seminar

Semester Four — Fall or Spring 

  • IT 341 Data in the Cloud
  • IT 375 Cisco Networking II
  • IT 385 Managing Big Data
  • IT 390 Cybersecurity: Attack and Defend
  • IT 490 Internship
  • IT 423 Senior IT Seminar
  • IT 489 Capstone Project