Careers in Cybersecurity

After Marymount

The program is designed primarily for working professionals. Marymount’s D.Sc. in Cybersecurity will:

  • prepare you for a high-level position in government and industry leading ongoing efforts to secure the country’s digital assets including federal and local government systems, our critical infrastructure such as election systems, private information and intellectual property from the country’s businesses and not-for-profit organizations, and the use of technology for social purposes.
  • develop your research, analytical, and communication skills such that you can make enhanced contributions to the growing and increasingly complex field of cybersecurity
  • enable you to lead the nation’s cybersecurity initiatives and further escalate the education and training of cybersecurity professionals to handle the nation’s current shortage
  • facilitate your teaching in cybersecurity programs at colleges and universities where there is an urgent need for qualified educators, preferably with research experience as well as experience in the real world
  • work as part of a high-level cybersecurity research team in a government lab or a large company’s research program
  • recognize the global nature of cybersecurity and the role of cyber diplomacy
  • bring new knowledge to the cybersecurity field.

Marymount faculty members and its working professionals are very connected in academia, in government, and in the industry and will assist students with their career preparation.