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Marymount’s Department of Fine Arts offers B.A. degrees in Art and Art Education, plus minors in Studio Art, Ceramics, Illustration, and Art History.

Our majors prepare students for a career as a professional artist, or as a certified art teacher. We have also consulted with other departments on campus to determine the proper classes to take in other minors or a second major to pursue a career in a wide range of arts-related professions.

Studying Art at Marymount also helps each student develop transferable skills that are in high demand in the ever-changing gig economy. Art students develop skills in creativity, dexterity, quality control, visual communication, cultural understanding, and hands-on problem-solving, plus they bring excitement, dedication, and self-confidence to their work. This broad set of skills and attitudes are exactly what today’s employers demand. Art gives students flexibility, allowing them to move easily between different sectors of the job market, and studies have shown that Arts majors are actually MORE likely to find employment after graduation than are graduates from career-focused majors.

Imagine a program of study that opens a broad range of careers, rather than limiting you to just one; classes where you leave feeling more alive versus worn out; assignments that encourage you to make objects with your own hands and shape your environment. Imagine a major where you explore your passions and find new ways to express your ideas.