Health Care Management M.S. Program Requirements

Program Requirements: 

The Healthcare Management (HCM) is a 45-credits program. The dual degrees, Healthcare Management and Masters in Business Administration (HCM-MBA) and Healthcare Management and Masters in Information Technology are 63-credits programs.

Competency-Based Curriculum:

Our program follows a competency-based curriculum. Students are assessed on 24 competencies at various stages in the program.

On the successful completion of the program, our students are able to:

  • Evaluate business and clinical situations by applying the highest ethical and moral standards.Health Care Management M.S. Program Requirements
  • demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • demonstrate oral and written communications skills.
  • demonstrate leadership in a team
  • develop a strategic vision for the organization.
  • to analyze and interpret data using quantitative and qualitative methods to solve business problems.
  • to implement staff development and management practices to meet the strategic goals of the organization.
  • to demonstrate financial skills to support the organization’s strategic and operational decisions.
  • to interpret and apply laws, regulations and policies in business and clinical decision making.
  • to demonstrate an understanding of how appropriate use of administrative and clinical information technology and decision support tools can effectively support organizational performance.


The Healthcare Management program is a CAHME-accredited program.