Graduate Student Programs

Graduate Student Programs

The Global Learning Office offers a number of short-term faculty-led programs for graduate students in a variety of academic disciplines. Graduate programs are typically seven to ten days in duration and yield one to three credit hours. These programs are an excellent opportunity for graduate students to explore their fields in an international setting and gain unique professional experience.

2021-2022 Graduate Faculty-Led Short-Term Programs

Programs, Dates & Locations Subject to Change

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  • PT 801SL Physical Therapy Global Service Learning

    Masaya, Nicaragua with Dr. Diana Vensukus
    Spring 2022

  • CE 598 School Counseling Practices in a Global Setting

    Rome, Italy with Dr. Michele Garofalo
    March 4-12, 2022

  • ED 540 Community-based Global Field Experience

    Panama, Panama with Dr. Clara Hauth
    March 4-12, 2022

  • ED 544 Education in the Global Classroom

    Dubai, UEA with Dr. Clara Hauth
    Summer 2022: Dates TBD

  • FLP 589 Special Topics

    London, England, UK with Dr. Jason Doll
    Summer 2022: Dates TBD

  • HCM 585 Global Health Field Experience

    Groningen, The Netherlands with Dr. Uma Kelekar & Dr. Gwen Francavillo
    Summer 2022: Dates TBD