Veteran Students

As a student veteran or military student, there are a few things you have to take into account when studying abroad. We have tried to answer a few questions you may be asking yourself when thinking about studying abroad.

Am I allowed to study abroad?

Believe it or not, you can!  A few of our veteran students have taken our short-term programs, experiencing the benefits from studying abroad (See Why You Should Study Abroad for more information on that). Your tuition is covered by the GI Bill, but the courses you are taking must count towards your graduation. Since the courses you are taking must be approved as counting towards your curriculum by not only your advisor and professor, but by the Coordinator for Military and Veteran Students Services, we recommend you meet with them first.

You can reach the Coordinator for Military and Veteran Student Services to discuss options at 703-908-7531.

If I get my course approved, what will the GI Bill pay for?

The GI Bill will cover the approved percentage of tuition while you are abroad. It will not cover lodging or travel fees so make sure you budget ahead of time.

Am I allowed to do a semester abroad?

Absolutely! Doing a semester abroad is a great opportunity and requires some planning ahead of time to help you be prepared. As stated before, the GI Bill will cover the tuition portion. Your housing stipend will be calculated based on where you decide to study abroad. Most student veterans who go abroad for a semester choose to do so in Spring. Since this is a process involving the CGE, your advisors, your coordinator, and sometimes your professor, please give yourself time to prepare for applying. When emailing the Coordinator for Military and Veteran Students Services about study abroad, make sure to CC your advisor in any communication. This will ensure that we can communicate quickly and effectively throughout the process.