Academic Advising Toolkit

Students are encouraged to be in touch with their academic advisors throughout the study abroad application process – while researching programs, during the application process, before departure, and after their return to Marymount. To make sure all of our faculty have the information they need to support their advisees in pursuing a global eduation experience, we have created this general Faculty Advising for Study Abroad Document, which includes detailed guidelines on how faculty can most effectively engage their students at each stage of the study abroad process.  In reading the above document, please be reminded that there are a wide variety of program options that students can take advantage of. Take a look at our Global Engagement Program Types Table to gain a stronger sense of which program options might best suit your students.

In addition to the above guide, the CGE has created an even more specific document on Introducing Semester Study Abroad Programs & International Internship to Students for faculty members currently working with students who are applying to study abroad.

Thank you in advance for your support of global education and for being proactive in educating your advisees about following items:

  • Taking advantage of a global education opportunity is an option for every student, as long as they plan ahead
  • Students should be reflecting on how an international experience fits with their long term career goals and what skills or proficiencies they hope to acquire and/or enhance while abroad BEFORE they select a particular program or focus in on a specific location for their time abroad — please engage your students on this topic as soon as they express interest in a global education experience!
  • Students are encouraged to start the conversation about study abroad AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE to ensure they maximize their opportunities for global education while at Marymount. Please encourage your students to drop by during our walk-in hours (Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:00pm -3:00pm) or to schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor online.
  • There are many scholarships and other funding sources available to finance a global education experience, including the use of financial aid, to finance a study abroad experience
  • Our new website has a wealth of information and our staff is eager to meet with students to discuss their options
  • The Center for Global Engagement will conduct class visits or give presentations to student organizations about study abroad opportunities upon request, if sufficient advance notice is given Contact the CGE to arrange a presentation for your class or organization!
  • If you have questions about a program in a particular region, please contact the Center for Global Engagement Director Victor Betancourt at (703) 284-1677 or via e-mail.