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Patricia C Heyn Publications 
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Uma Kelekar, Ph.D., Publications
  1. Das Gupta D, Kelekar U, Turner SC, Sule AA, Jerman TG (2021) Interpreting COVID-19 deaths among nursing home residents in the US: The changing role of facility quality over time.” PLoS ONE 16(9): e0256767.
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Uma Kelekar Ph.D., Reports And Book Chapters
  1. Kelekar, U. (2018),  Assessment of BMI for Arlington Elementary Schools, 2014-2018, Prepared for the Arlington Health Department.
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Julie Ries, Ph.D., PT  Publications
  1. Ries JD. A framework for rehabilitation for older adults living with dementia. Archives of Physiotherapy. 2022: In Press. DOI: 10.1186/s40945-022-00134-5
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Sara T. Pappa, Ph.D., MCHES,  Publications
  1. Pappa, Sara T., Elrod, Cathy, and Wong, Rita. You Can SAIL (Stay Active and Independent for Life) Outside, too! Peer-reviewed Ignite session: NCOA Age+Action Virtual Conference, June 7 – 10; 2021.
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Sara T. Pappa, Ph.D., MCHES, Book Publications
  1. Fairfax County Health Department: Community Food Assessment. Co-author. Retrieved from
  2. Fairfax County Health Department: Richmond Highway Transit Center Health Impact Assessment. Co-author. Copy available upon request.