Majors & Programs at Marymount University

* Online program only
**On ground and online programs



Applied Statistics (Minor)
Applied Statistics (Minor)
Art History (Minor)
Biology (Minor)
Business Administration (Minor)
Business Analysis (Minor)
Ceramics (Minor)
Chemistry (Minor)
Cloud Computing (Minor)
Communication (Minor)
Computer Science (Minor)
Criminal Justice (Minor)
Cybersecurity (Minor)
Data Science (Minor)
Digital Forensics (Minor)
Digital Writing and Narrative Design (Minor)
Economics (Minor)
Education (Minor)
English (Minor)
Entrepreneurship (Minor)
Fashion Design (Minor)
Fashion Marketing (Minor)
Fashion Merchandising (Minor)
Finance (Minor)
Forensic Psychology (Minor)
Forensics and Criminal Investigations (Minor)
French (Minor)
Game Design and Development (Minor)
Gender and Society (Minor)
Graphic and Media Design (minor)
History (Minor)
Illustration (Minor)
Information Technology (Minor)
International Business (Minor)
International Studies (Minor)
Journalism (Minor)
Law (Minor)
Marketing (Minor)
Mathematics (Minor)
Media and Performance Studies (Minor)
Network Security (Minor)
Philosophy (Minor)
Physical Science (Minor)
Politics (Minor)
Pre-Chiropractic (Minor)
Pre-Dentistry (Minor)
Pre-Medicine (Minor)
Pre-Occupational Therapy (Minor)
Pre-Opthalmology (Minor)
Pre-Optometry (Minor)
Pre-Osteopathic Medicine (Minor)
Pre-Pharmacy (Minor)
Pre-Physical Therapy (Minor)
Pre-Physician Assistant (Minor)
Pre-Podiatry (Minor)
Pre-Veterinary Medicine (Minor)
Psychology (Minor)
Public Health (Minor)
Public History (Minor)
Public Relations (Minor)
Quantitative Science (Minor)
Retail Analytics (Minor)
Social Entrepreneurship (Minor)
Sociology (Minor)
Spanish (Minor)
Sport Management (Minor)
Strength and Conditioning (Minor)
Studio Art (Minor)
Sustainability (Minor)
Theology and Religious Studies (Minor)
UX/UI Web Design (Minor)
Web Design (Minor)
Writing (Minor)