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Criminal Justice Summer Institute

CJ 209 – The Criminal Justice System (3 credits)

Have you ever wondered…

  • why violent crime occurs?
  • whether punishment deters crime?
  • if the criminal justice system really works the way it’s portrayed on TV?

This intensive, three-credit course will give you the opportunity to examine these questions and gain greater understanding of the American criminal justice system. Topics for analysis and discussion will include policing, the courts, and corrections.

Marymount’s expert faculty will facilitate examination of such topics as the role of the media in influencing public perceptions and public policy in areas like juvenile justice, the death penalty, and gun control. Guest speakers – including criminologists, federal agents, local law enforcement officers, and forensic scientists – will supplement the classroom instruction with real-life examples and anecdotes.

The course will also involve field trips to locations of interest in the greater Washington, DC, area. Potential field trip sites include the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum, the Museum of Crime and Punishment, the Newseum, and the Holocaust Museum.

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