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Applying For A Permit

In order to obtain your new Parking Permit, you will be required to provide the ID and Parking Office with
  • a valid driver's license.
To obtain a permit, you must come to the ID and Parking Office, Ireton Hall, in person.
For each vehicle you may use to park on campus or a University-designated satellite parking lot, you will be required to provide the ID and Parking Office with
  • a valid motor vehicle registration;
  • vehicle tag/plate state and number (available on motor vehicle registration documentation); and
  • vehicle make (e.g. Ford, Chevy, Toyota), model (e.g. Focus, Malibu, Corolla) and color.
Any vehicle parked at Marymount University or a University-designated satellite parking lot must display a current Marymount University parking permit, temporary parking registration, or guest pass. Vehicles failing to display these permits are subject to towing without prior notification to the vehicle's owner. Marymount University assumes no responsibility for any towed vehicle.

Incomplete or incorrect information will result in delayed processing of your permit.

The cost of your permit will be billed to your student account and is only payable at the Cashier's office on the Main Campus.

Use of the hang tag permit confirms you have received and will abide by the parking rules and regulations for the current academic year. The permit does not guarantee that a space will be available. For further parking information, please call (703) 284-5700.