Student Life

Training and Orientation

 Training is an important proactive step in establishing expectations and responsibilities with new student employees. Each hiring department is strongly encouraged to provide an orientation to the department and job-specific training on or before the first day of work.

Departmental Orientation
The departmental orientation will help a student employee better understand the scope of the job. Topics for departmental orientation may include

  • A tour of the office and introduction to all those who work there
  • A tour and introduction to other offices in the building
  • Introduction to staff outside of the office with whom the student may interact on a frequent basis
  • Explanation of the dress code appropriate for the office
  • A list of frequently used phone numbers and e-mail addresses

Student Employee Training
Job training is specific to each individual position. As such, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide training for student employees on responsibilities, office policies and procedures, and expectations. Some employers may wish to create a written resource to reinforce the training provided.

In addition to covering job-specific training when a student employee begins employment, employers are encouraged to

  • Establish a work schedule
  • Address confidential information the student may encounter while on the job and how FERPA rules apply to that information
  • Explain the rest and meal break policy
  • Explain the job responsibilities (even if discussed during the interview)
  • Communicate how the student employee should address co-workers, visitors, etc. and the protocol for answering the phone
  • Discuss the proper procedure for signing in and out and completing timesheets
  • Set expectations for doing a good job and explain the Student Employee Performance Review and Re-hire process
  • Explain how performance issues will be addressed and discuss situations that may result in termination of employment