Student Life

Performance Review

Evaluating a student’s performance serves to develop the student as a future professional by highlighting the student’s strengths and providing feedback in areas where the student can improve. Performance evaluation can happen on an individual, informal basis and/or as part of the formal annual performance review process.

Informal Performance Review
If a student employee is not satisfactorily meeting the job responsibilities, the employer is strongly encouraged to conduct an informal performance review with the student. Addressing a problem when it first arises not only helps the student perform better, it also provides an opportunity to learn more about the student and find out if there are any external issues that are contributing to their job performance (and possibly academic performance) issues. If an external issue is affecting the student, the employer can further assist the student by identifying resources on campus that can help the student succeed on the job and in the classroom.

Informal performance reviews are verbal interactions which may lead to written warnings and ultimately termination depending on the nature and severity of the performance problem. Informal reviews are to be documented in writing for the employer’s records to summarize the points discussed including

  • the nature and severity of the problem
  • any external factors affecting the student’s performance
  • campus resources identified to help the student
  • steps to be taken for improvement, and
  • consequences discussed if the performance issue persists

Employers may contact the Center for Career Services for guidance on addressing specific performance issues. Also read about Performance Intervention.

Formal Performance Review
A student employee’s performance is formally evaluated by the supervisor in December and at the end of each academic year. This is used to help the students grow and develop as well as indicate whether the student will be rehired for the position in an upcoming employment period (see 
Hour Limitations and Continuing Employment). Mid-term Student Employee Performance Review forms are sent to the hiring manager in mid-November and end of the year Student Employee Performance Review forms are sent to the hiring manager the first week of April. The forms should be completed for all students hired by the office during the academic year, including those who worked only a few hours or failed to report to work. Performance is evaluated on the following criteria:

  • dependability
  • interpersonal skills
  • efficiency
  • precision
  • attitude 

Employers are encouraged to review the performance evaluation with each student employee. Students may discuss their evaluation and ask their employers to reconsider the quantitative rating or the rehire recommendation. Once the employer is satisfied that the evaluation accurately reflects the student employee’s performance, the student should be asked to sign the evaluation. A copy of the Student Employee Performance Review form is kept in the student’s file housed in the Student Development Office.