Student Life

Possible Questions

Below are some of the questions interviewers typically ask job candidates. In reviewing this list, remember that your knowledge of what contributes to a strong answer also contributes to your effectiveness. A strong answer does not create more questions than it answers and should include
  • backing up a statement with a specific example
  • sharing your role (the challenge and accomplishments)
  • sharing the outcome or solution
  • summarizing to emphasize your strengths
Your answers should also be open, thoughtful, complete, concise, and "uncanny."

Questions about Yourself

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What do you consider to be one of your strengths? Weaknesses?
3. What qualifications do you have that indicate you will succeed in your field?
4. What skills or abilities have you developed in the past year?
5. What have you done which shows initiative and willingness to work? What motivates you?
6. Describe the type of supervisor with whom you work best.
7. How would a co-worker/supervisor/friend describe you?
8. Describe your work style.
9. Describe three things that are most important to you in a job.
10. How well do you handle pressure situations? Examples?

Questions about Your Career Goals and Plans

1. What would you like to be doing in five years? Ten years?
2. What type of position are you interested in at this time?
3. What skills do you want to develop in this position?
4. How do you measure success?
5. What personal characteristics will contribute to your success?
6. How will employment with us contribute to your career plans?
7. What do you expect from a job?
8. What are your short and long range career objectives?

Questions about Educational Background

1. How has your education prepared you for this position?
2. What classes did you like most in school? Least? Why?
3. Why did you choose this major?
4. What are your plans for continuing your education?
5. What career-related skills did you develop in school?

Previous Experience Questions

1. What have you learned from your past jobs?
2. What were the biggest stresses in your last job? How did you handle them?
3. How did you communicate with your subordinates and superiors?
4. How did your job description for your last job change while you held it?
5. What skills used and developed previously relate to this job?
6. Why did you leave your last job?
7. What did you like most about your last job? Least?
8. Whom may we contact for references?

Questions Specific to the Company and Job

1. Why should we hire you?
2. Why do you want to work here?
3. What do you know about this organization?
4. Why do you think you would like this position? Company?
5. What kind of supervisor would you like to have?
6. How long do you intend to stay here?
7. What do you think determines a person's progress in an organization?
8. What interests you about our product or service? How would you improve it?
9. What do you think would be your greatest contribution to our operation?
10. How do you solve problems?
11. Can you work late? Occasional weekends? Travel?
12. What salary do you expect?
13. When can you start to work?