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Ending Employment

The steps to take depend greatly on why you are leaving a position. Anytime you leave a position, regardless of the circumstances, your supervisor is required to complete a Position Release Form.

You’re being let go by your supervisor.
If you are being let go, you may be contacted by the Center for Career Services to discuss the circumstances regarding your previous position. This does not mean you can never work on campus again, dependent on the reason you are let go by your supervisor.

You are resigning from the position.
If at any point during your employment you cannot stay with your position (academic or personal conflict) you will need to provide your supervisor with a written letter of resignation. It is customary to do this as soon as you know you will not be continuing with the position. Standard practice is to notify the employer at least 2 weeks in advance. If that is not possible, please try your best to give as much advance notice as possible.

You want to get another job.
Because students are only allowed to hold one on-campus position, you must first notify the Center for Career Services of your intention to search for another job before sending out applications for a new on-campus position. If you are hired for a new position, you should notify your current supervisor in writing. Your paperwork for your new position will not be processed until your current supervisor has completed the Position Release Form and submitted that to the Center for Career Services.