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Marymount University Global Thinkers

The “Marymount University Global Thinkers” (MUGT) floor is a residential community for both U.S. and international students. This community focuses on diversifying students' global competence and enhancing mutual respect and understanding among students of different backgrounds.
Members are engaged in a number of cross-cultural programs and experiences to enhance their sensitivity to diversity and promote social justice across borders.
About the MUGT Community Floor
This community is open to both male and female students. It is located in Gerard Hall.

Capitalizing on the diversity of the Marymount community, this floor offers a more formal and centralized place where students can engage with one another and share their cultures. In addition, this floor serves as a support system to help new students both from abroad and the United States adjust to college living.

Become a part of MUGT
Apply to join the floor or join us on Facebook for details about events throughout the academic year.

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