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Registration Guidelines

Step One
Students seeking accommodations or support from the Office of Student Access Services are responsible for providing the following documents:
  1. The Student Access Services Information and Registration Form. This form is used in combination with a personal conference with each student to provide the most reasonable and appropriate services for each individual student. 
  2. Documentation specific to the student’s disability diagnosis. Please see the Documentation Guidelines section of this website. A school plan, such as an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or 504 Plan, will not be accepted as suitable documentation.

When received this documentation will be reviewed by the director and you will be contacted regarding whether the documentation is sufficient, or if more information in needed.
Documentation may be submitted at anytime throughout the admissions process or during the student’s tenure at Marymount.

Step Two
Schedule an appointment to meet with the Director of Student Access Services regarding what accommodations you are requesting. Accommodations vary based up on the diagnosed disability and the functional impact of the disability on any given individual. A personal meeting will help determine what accommodations are reasonable and appropriate to provide equal access within the academic setting. Documentation sent to the office does not “register” a student with the SAS office. A student must self-disclose and meet with the Director of SAS to register and determine eligibility for services.

Step Three
Schedule a second appointment with the Director for the first or second week of classes to complete a Faculty Contact Sheet (FCS). This is the documentation students must bring to professors to prove their eligibility for accommodations in the classroom. It is highly recommended that students schedule a meeting with the director at the beginning of the semester to ensure a smooth transition, and optimal results on the initial academic work. Once the FCS is developed and signed by both the student and SAS director, the student will receive sealed copies for each of their professors. It is the student’s responsibility to hand deliver these forms to each professor. The student should make an appointment with the professor or attend the professor’s office hours to submit and discuss the contents of the contact sheet.

Students are encouraged to use a Faculty-Student Contract, provided by the SAS office, when meeting with professors to discuss semester accommodations. This contract will be kept on file in the SAS office to provide clarification throughout the semester.