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Housing/Dining Plan Modification Policy

Housing Accommodations
Students who wish to request special housing accommodations must submit a Special Housing Accommodations Form and a letter from a licensed health provider (medical doctor, psychiatrist, medical specialist, psychologist, etc.).

Please be sure this typed letter contains a specific diagnosis of a disability or chronic medical condition, a narrative about how this issue functionally impacts the student with regard to a community living environment, and the credentials of the health provider. The request must be based upon a diagnosed disability or chronic medical condition which functionally impacts the student’s ability to live in a community residential setting.
Dietary/Dining Accommodations
Students who have special dietary or dining concerns should also fill out the Special Housing Accommodations Form and include their specific accommodation requests.

Special housing accommodations are not set for the student’s tenure at Marymount, and students are responsible for submitting a new request each school year. Requests are reviewed by the director of Student Access Services, in consultation with the director of Campus and Residential Services.

The variety of housing accommodations on campus is limited, and while something may be requested and the student eligible, if it is simply not available the University cannot make the accommodation (for example: a private bathroom). In such situations, the only reasonable accommodation may be release from the applicable residency requirement.