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Policies & Procedures

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Course Modification Policy: Marymount University utilizes course modification, but not course waivers. Students may request a program modification if they can document a disability that directly impairs their ability to meet the standard requirements of the program.
Eligibility for Services: Information for students regarding eligibility standards and requirements to receive services through SAS.
Grievance Policy: Students with complaints of discrimination based on disability are encouraged to self-advocate. Informal and Formal Grievance procedures are available in the event a problem should arise regarding issues relating to the ADA or Section 504, that ensure that all complaints of discrimination based on disability are thoroughly and fairly investigated.
Housing/Dining Plan Modification Policy: Students who require modifications for housing accommodations or special consideration for dining concerns must complete an application and submit documentation to SAS.

Personal Care Attendant Policy: Marymount University understands that Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) may be necessary to address the personal needs of a student with a disability in order for that student to fully participate at the University. Students who require the use of a Personal Care Attendant are responsible for completing the necessary paperwork and submitting appropriate documentation.

Registration Guidelines: This section lists the steps new students must follow to register with the Office of Student Access Services (SAS). It is the student’s responsibility to self-disclose and register with SAS in order to receive support or services.