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Supplementary Classrooom Note Requests

Students who require note taking assistance must submit written notification to the director of Student Access Services. This can be in the form of an e-mail or letter and must include the following:
  • the name of the course and course number
  • the professor’s name and e-mail (which can be found on the class syllabus)
  • if available, the name and e-mail of a peer in the class who may be willing to provide notes

Notetaking services are provided by students enrolled in the student’s class and are volunteers. Notes may be provided anonymously through a system in the Student Access Services Office or delivered directly to the student by the notetaker. This service is not to take the place of class and students are expected and responsible for maintaining appropriate attendance and academic responsibilities.
Retrieval of notes must be on a regular and timely basis. Failure to do so will result in a suspension or cancellation of the notetaking assistance accommodation. Notes are for SAS student’s use only and should not be distributed to others in the class. The student is responsible for notifying the SAS office if he or she drops the course or no longer requires the use of a notetaker.