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Reporting an Emergency

If you become aware of an emergency situation on campus, dial (703) 284-1600 (ext. 1600 from a Main Campus or Ballston Center phone) to reach Campus Safety personnel, who can summon medical, fire, or police response.

In a life-threatening situation, dial 911. Campus Safety personnel will automatically be notified.
  • When you call, give your name, telephone number, and location, and the nature and location of the emergency.
  • Don’t hang up until the Campus Safety officer or 911 operator ends the conversation.
  • If the phone lines are dead, take the message to Campus Safety in person or use a cell phone if available.
  • If you are in a hazardous situation, do not endanger yourself further. Avoid unstable structures; smoke; electrical hazards; fire; and radiation, chemical, or biological exposure. Do not risk your well-being to save personal or University property.
Reporting Unsafe Conditions
Marymount is committed to maintaining a safe campus environment. Employees and students should report conditions that may pose a serious risk of injury or property damage. Do not assume that someone else will report the situation. Call Campus Safety at (703) 284-1600 (ext. 1600 on campus) or Physical Plant at (703) 284-1529 (ext. 1529 on campus).