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Student Life

Notices of Emergencies

In an emergency, members of the Marymount community will be notified through some or all of the following:
  • MU Alerts (Users must opt-in. See further information and sign-up instructions, below.)
  • Marymount’s Web site
  • Marymount’s weather and emergency information phone line, (703) 526-6888 (ext. 6888 on campus)
  • mass e-mails (In order to receive campuswide e-mail announcements, students must have a Marymount e-mail account. (Students are responsible for activating and regularly checking their University e-mail accounts.)
  • announcements on the external public address system
  • announcements through black speaker phones (in faculty and staff offices)
  • neon orange flyers posted across campus
  • local television and radio stations
MU Alerts
MU Alerts is a text-messaging and e-mail system that enables Marymount University to notify its students and employees quickly in the event of an emergency, including weather-related delays, cancellations, and closings. All members of the MU community are urged to sign up to receive alerts by visiting the MU Alerts sign-up page.

Arlington Alert
For information on situations affecting Arlington County as a whole, MU students and employees can sign up for the Arlington Alert system, by clicking on "Emergency Preparedness."