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Co-Curricular Transcripts

What is a co-curricular transcript?
A co-curricular transcript is a personalized record that tracks a student’s leadership experiences, campus involvement, and professional development while at Marymount. This transcript can be used to complement student’s academic transcripts.

How does it work?
It is very easy to start your co-curricular transcript today! First, you must fill out the Co-Curricular Transcript Validation Form. Fill out one validation form for each co-curricular experience. After completing the form, get a faculty sponsor, advisor, or staff member to verify that you did participate in the co-curricular experience described. Once they have signed off on the form, you can deliver it to the Office of Student Development in Gerard Lobby.
Once your form is received, a staff member will enter all your information into a database, which will be used to track your experiences. You can add more co-curricular experiences to your transcript as you progress at Marymount.
If you want to request a copy of your co-curricular transcript, you must fill out the “Co-Curricular Transcript Request Form.” Return the form to the Office of Student Development and allow 10 business days for your transcript to be processed.
What is recorded on a Co-Curricular Transcript?
The Co-Curricular Transcript will track the following experiences:
  • Clubs/Academic Organizations
  • Athletics
  • Awards
  • Leadership
  • Community Service
  • Publications/ Exhibitions (i.e. Art show/fashion line)
  • Professional or Educational Development (i.e. conference participation)

Who has access to my Co-Curricular Transcript?
Only the student and authorized University personnel have access to a student’s Co-Curricular Transcript.