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Refund Policy

Credit Balance Refunds
Credit balance refunds will be processed generally within 14 days of the receipt of a written request to the Student Accounts Office. The University does not issue refunds in cash; only check and credit card refunds are issued.

Credit for Tuition and Fee Charges
To be eligible to receive a credit for tuition and fee charges, a student must officially withdraw from a class or separate from the University. Credit for tuition and fee charges will be calculated based on the actual withdrawal or separation date.

Semester Courses

Week Fall/Spring Summer Type of Credit
By end of week 1 100% 75% tuition and fees
By end of week 2 75% 50% tuition only
By end of week 3 50% 25% tuition only
After week 3 0% 0%

Weekend and Concentrated Courses
Students are eligible for a 100% credit for tuition and fee charges if the class is dropped at least 31 days before the class begins. A 75 percent credit for tuition and fee charges will be given if the class is dropped within 30 days of the start of the class. No credit for tuition and fee charges will be given once classes have begun.

Class/University Withdrawal Policy
In order to receive a credit for tuition and fee charges in accordance with the advertised refund/withdrawal period, a student must officially withdraw from a class, even if someone other than the student registered him or her for the class. Failure to do so will constitute a financial obligation to the University because classroom seats reserved during registration continue to be held for a student until he or she officially withdraws from the class. Stopping payment on a tuition check or credit card authorization or not attending a class does not constitute an official withdrawal from class.

A student who received financial aid should check with the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from any classes. Federal financial aid recipient refunds will be determined based on the federal pro-rata refunds regulations. Information and examples of federal pro-rata refunds are available in the Financial Aid Office.

Withdrawal after Expiration of Tuition-and-Fee Credit Period
A student who withdraws from one or all classes after the tuition-and-fee credit period does not qualify for a refund. An exception to this policy may be made in extraordinary circumstances such as an illness or medical emergency that qualifies the student for a medical leave.

Credit for Room and Board Charges
If a student moves out of the residence halls before the end of the semester, credit for room and board will be calculated as outlined in the resident contract for that semester. Meal plans will be adjusted appropriately based on the specific circumstances of the student’s departure. Appeals of any charges must be submitted in writing to the Office of Campus and Residential Services during the semester the student departs the residence halls.

Credit for Commuter Meal Plan Charges
If a student requests a commuter meal plan and then decides not to use that plan, no credit will be given for its cost. Commuter meal plans expire at the end of the semester.