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Important Student Health Insurance Info for FA/14 Students

All Undergrad students registered for 12 or more credits and all Grad students registered for 9 or more credits for the FA/14 semester, will be identified for enrollment in the UHC/SR Student Health Insurance Plan with coverage effective date 8/17/14 through 8/16/15. The premium charge of $1356 will be billed to your Student Account as a “line item”. If you have coverage through an individual or family plan, you can waive this University sponsored plan at www.studentcenter.uhcsr.com/marymountu. The online Waiver site opens on Tuesday, 7/15/14 and closes on Tuesday, 9/30/14. If you intend to exercise the waiver option, you must do so by the deadline date or be responsible for the $1356 premium charge.

Academic Year 2014-15

The University sponsored Student Health Plan is provided by UnitedHealthcare Student Resources, which utilizes the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network of healthcare providers. The coverage effective date for academic year 2014-2015 is August 17, 2014 through August 16, 2015.

All undergraduate students taking 12 or more credits and all graduate students taking 9 or more credits are automatically enrolled in the plan, and the premium is billed to their student account. However, all students can waive this coverage with proof of comparable coverage either through an active individual or family plan.

The waiver deadline date is September 30, 2014. Any student who does not waive coverage by this deadline date will be automatically enrolled in the plan and will be responsible for the $1356 annual premium.

>> Visit the UnitedHealthcare online waiver website

Using Your Insurance Coverage

The plan’s detailed informational website offers students the opportunity to track their personal insurance user data through the “My Account” option. By actively participating in all the options that the website provides, students can become educated healthcare consumers.

When seeing your physician or incurring any charges for healthcare, always have all insurance coverage documentation available (i.e. cards and/or ID numbers in your name from separate plans that you or your parents hold).

Part-Time Students

If you are a part-time student in need of health insurance, you may wish to research various health insurance options at www.healthinsurance.org/Virginia.