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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Catherine Diaz-Asper
Visiting Assistant Professor
Contact Information

Rowley G137
(703) 284-3328

Academic Credentials

B.A., University of Auckland, New Zealand
M.A., University of Auckland, New Zealand
Ph.D., The George Washington University

Post-doctoral : Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences); National Institute of Mental Health (Clinical Brain Disorders Branch)
Licensed Psychologist (Maryland)

Teaching Areas:

  • Biological Bases of Behavior
  • Research Design for Psychology
  • Statistics for the Social Sciences

Research Interests:

  • Neuropsychological profiles in dementia and mental illness
  • Using automated analyses of language to predict aspects of cognition and mental state

Dr. Diaz-Asper is a neuropsychologist with a strong background and interest in conducting clinical research. She has worked both as a clinician and researcher, and has completed two different post-doctoral internships, at Johns Hopkins and NIMH. During this time, she conducted neuropsychological evaluations of cognitively-impaired adults, and also designed and implemented a number of research studies.

Dr. Diaz-Asper first examined semantic memory function in Alzheimer’s disease for her Master’s dissertation and later tested aspects of visual and spatial memory in epilepsy for her doctoral dissertation. More recently, her research has focused on using computational methods to analyze the content of speech in various patient groups.

Dr. Diaz-Asper is excited to introduce students to the world of research and the amazing capabilities of our brains.

Representative Publications

Rosenstein, M., Diaz-Asper, C.M., Foltz, P.W., Weinberger, D.R., & Elvevåg, B. (2014). A computational semantic and syntactic approach to prose recall in schizophrenia. Cortex, 55, 148-166.

Diaz-Asper, C.M., Malley, J., Genderson, M., & Elvevåg, B. (2008). Context binding in Schizophrenia: effects of clinical symptomatology and item content. Psychiatry Research, 159(3), 259-270.

Diaz-Asper, C.M., Goldberg, T.E., Kolachana, B.S., Straub, R.E., Egan, M.F., & Weinberger, D.R. (2008). Genetic variation in COMT: effects on working memory function in Schizophrenic patients, their siblings & healthy controls. Biological Psychiatry, 63(1), 72-79.

Diaz-Asper, C.M., Weinberger, D.R., & Goldberg, T.E. (2006). Catechol-O-Methyltransferase polymorphisms and some implications for cognitive therapeutics. NeuroRx, 3(1), 97-105.

Diaz-Asper, C.M., Dopkins, S., Potolicchio, S.J., & Caputy, A. (2006). Spatial memory following temporal lobe resection. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 28, 1462-1481.