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Jill Hoenmans
Major: Marketing
Class Year: 1991
Jill Hoenmans recently gave a gift to the University, which was matched by her employer, Store Opening Solutions. When asked why she decided to give a gift after a few years of being away from Marymount, Jill said, "I gave the maximum my company would match, to add up to what I felt would be enough for what I'd missed in contributing." When friends comment that she already paid tuition for her education, she responds, "Yes, I paid to be educated, but I didn't have to pay extra for how I was educated."

Jill graduated from Marymount in 1991 with a BBA in Marketing. She came to Marymount as a non-traditional student; having pursued several careers before feeling compelled in her mid-20's to seek a degree. Jill said, "There were so many possibilities, I wanted to do all of it!"

Commenting on her move to the Washington, DC area and acceptance to Marymount, Jill said, "There aren't too many decisions I look back on as flawless, but the decision to come to Marymount was one of them." She liked the mix of students – she wasn't the oldest in her classes, nor was she the only full-time student who was also working. Jill remembers the accessibility to and support of the faculty as highlights of her time at MU; they also helped her make an easy transition back to school after an eight-year hiatus.

Following graduation, Jill has certainly done a bit of everything. She worked as a district manager for 7-Eleven in the DC area; started and managed a horse breeding farm for her mother, Whitemud Crossing Farm in Castleton, VA, which is still operational; served as an editor for Dabora, a specialty monthly magazine and weekly newspaper; and is currently an inside business development manager for Store Opening Solutions in Murfreesboro, TN.

Her current love and hobby is the 20-acre farm she has just purchased. Jill is in favor of living "a less disposable lifestyle," and she will be growing fruits and vegetables and raising goats and chickens, which will all be processed and consumed on site, as well as marketed to the local community and select restaurants.
Jill's gift to Marymount grew immediately thanks to the matching gift and will enhance the educational experience of students just arriving on campus for fall semester.