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Dr. Alice S. Mandanis
Provost Emerita and Professor Emerita of English

Academic Credentials

B.A., University of Richmond
M.A., Ph.D. The Catholic University of America
Other graduate study: University of North Carolina
Research Interests:
  • Renewal of classical poetics and rhetoric in the modern extended lyric and epic
Dr. Alice Mandanis serves in an advisory capacity with the both the Department of Literature and Languages and the Department of Liberal Studies within the School of Arts and Sciences. This follows a 40-year administrative and teaching career with Marymount University. The one-time University provost, then professor, served as a key founder of the Liberal Studies program as its chief spokesman and advocate. “Unless a student specifically wants training in a profession requiring certification such as accounting, nursing, paralegal studies, and the like, I believe Liberal Studies provides the broadest possible education across many fields. It allows freedom of choice and encourages discovery in many areas.”
Dr. Mandanis’ research interests have focused on the renewal of classical poetics and rhetoric in the modern extended lyric and epic, as in the works of Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, and others.
Prior to her retirement, she taught LS 420 Seminar each semester. As the director of 40 theses produced each year by Liberal Studies majors, she guided the multifaceted research of seniors whose 25-to 30-page theses demand a broad mentoring role. The research her students must conduct to support wide-ranging arguments included topics such as
  • “Buddhist Violence and Non-Violent Buddhism”
  • “Capital Punishment and Moral Disengagement”
  • “Luxury Counterfeit Goods and the Law”
  • “Closing Guantanamo: Will It Be Closure?”