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Dr. Yan He Beal
Associate Professor of Fashion Design and Merchandising
Contact Information

(703) 284-1560

Academic Credentials

B.S., Beijing Northern Jiaotong University
M.S., Shanghai Institute of Railway Technology
Ph.D., Florida State University
Teaching Areas
  • Fashion in Global Market Place
  • Merchandising Planning and Analysis
  • Buying Fashion Apparel
  • Clothing Selection and Behavior

Research Interests:
  • Development and application of computer system in the textile/apparel/retail industry
  • International fashion marketing and development
  • Management of technological innovation
  • Business strategy in the retail industry

Dr. Yan He Beal joined Marymount University in 2012. She previously taught a wide variety of courses including international retailing, entrepreneurship, design studio, research methods, computer applications, etc. Dr. Beal has successfully mentored students from the US, Europe, and Asia, helping them with research projects, thesis, and dissertations. Dr. Beal has also been invited by several top international universities in her field to present her research and teach classes in the areas of international fashion business, culture and technology.

Dr. Yan He Beal received two US patents as a sole inventor for developing novel computer system prototypes for the textile and apparel industry. The results of Dr. Beal’s research in the areas of international fashion marketing, business strategy, and management of technological innovations were published in several interdisciplinary journals as well as a new textbook on International Buying. Additionally, Dr. Beal has significant industry experience working closely with the fashion designers, manufacturers and retailers.

Dr. Beal is a member of American Collegiate Retailing Association.