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Amanda Sodhi
Major: English and Communication
Class Year: 2008
Amanda Sodhi is a Los Angeles-based director, screenwriter, vocalist, lyricist, and entertainment journalist. She also works at an ad agency called AAAZA. She explains, “It’s fun to juggle so many things at once and to be able to express my creativity every day through work. I credit my diverse education at Marymount in English, Communications, Marketing, and Advertising with allowing me to explore and succeed in so many areas of the entertainment industry. …My creative writing classes, especially, allowed me to gain confidence in my writing abilities.”

For example, she explains, she co-wrote the award-winning feature film Life! Camera Action, and has written and directed three short films: The Dance of Death, Through Bloodshot Eyes, and Stale Vows.  

Life after Marymount, she says, has been filled with excitement, “whether it’s a freelance journalism gig interviewing celebrities, like Oscar-winning A.R. Rahman of Slumdog Millionaire fame, or the work I do as a filmmaker, writer, and vocalist.” She expects that over time either she will get substantially more work in one area allowing her to focus her career or find that she is able to dabble in all of them successfully.

Next up for Amanda: a move to Mumbai, India to “dive into the world of Bollywood.”