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Dr. John Patrick Mullins
Assistant Professor of History
Contact Information

(703) 284-3805

Academic Credentials

B.A., New College, University of South Florida
M.A., Florida Atlantic University
Ph.D., University of Kentucky
Teaching Areas:
  • Colonial and Revolutionary American History
  • History of the Early Republic and Jacksonian America
  • Atlantic World History (ideology, religion, slavery, revolutions)
Research Interests:
  • The ideological, political, and religious origins of the American Revolution
  • The interrelation of religion, political ideology, constitutionalism, slavery, property, trade, and empire in the Atlantic World revolutions, 1600-1865
  • Transatlantic intellectual movements (Puritanism, Enlightenment, Whiggism)
Dr. Patrick Mullins has been assistant professor of History at Marymount since 2008. Before coming to Marymount, he was Scholar-in-Residence at Liberty Fund for one year and visiting assistant professor of History at Saginaw Valley State University for two years.

His area of teaching and research specialization is Early American History in the context of the Early Modern Atlantic World. At Marymount, Dr. Mullins has taught such courses as Colonial-Revolutionary America, The New Nation and Jacksonian America, Virginia and the Old South, History of the American Frontier, History of American Women, an Honors Seminar on Slavery in the Atlantic World, and Senior Seminar.

His research addresses the role of ideas in shaping politics, particularly the role of Enlightenment philosophy and religion and liberal political ideology in shaping the democratic revolutions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Having published peer-reviewed articles in the Massachusetts Historical Review and The Journal of Private Enterprise, Dr. Mullins is currently completing a book called Father of Liberty: Dr. Jonathan Mayhew and the Political Principles of the American Revolution.